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Industrial Ductwork

EleMETAL Fabrication + Machine stocks a full range of steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, and aluminum sheet metal, as well as structural shapes, tubing and pipe to quickly provide a variety of custom made industrial pipe fittings, valves, ductwork and transitions.


    • Industrial piping and ductwork can be fabricated to most any configuration imaginable. Standard round angle flanges are kept in stock and custom made. Round, square and rectangular flanges can be made as required to match your existing equipment.


    • Industrial valves such as sliding gate valves


  • Transitions can be made from any material for bolt-on or weld-on installation. Here are just a few of the available configurations:
    • Square/rectangle to square/rectangle transition (with or without twist or radius)
    • Square/rectangle to round/oblong/ellipse (with or without radius)
    • Rectangular reducing elbow
    • Round to round reducer (concentric or eccentric)
    • Round to oblong/ellipse
    • Two-piece elbows (with or without straight section)
    • Round reducing elbow (with throat, heel or centerline radius)
    • Cylindrical offsets
    • Rectangular offsets
    • Wye branches (standard, mitered horizontal or mitered vertical side branch)
    • Custom auger shafts and auger troughs

    No matter where you’re located, your project will arrive as expected. Every job is checked for dimensional accuracy and overall quality before it leaves the building.

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