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Custom Machining

We’re always up for a challenge

Let our engineers put decades of experience to work for your company.  We’ve helped countless clients solve some of their toughest manufacturing issues, allowing them to increase efficiency and reduce downtime in their plants.  We work with our customers to understand their needs, and develop a custom product to match.

Our on-site CNC machine shop creates components and full assemblies made from stainless steel, aluminum, steel, specialty metals, and standard/metal detectable/X-ray detectable plastics.
    • Custom shafts
    • Custom sleeves and bushings
    • Custom bolts, nuts and threaded parts
    • Custom straight, tapered and knurled rollers
    • Boring and keying of existing parts
    • Full design and collaboration on new parts
    • Duplicating / reverse engineering of existing parts
    • Complex parts and assemblies per customer specifications
    • Repair and rebuild of existing shafts, bearing housing, seal surfaces, etc.
    • Provide various coating solutions for metal finishing

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